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Sometimes trees need to be removed. There are many reasons for this but some of the most common are:

  • A dangerous or hazardous tree which has some structural defect or whose roots have been compromised. Trees whose roots or branches will cause structural damage now or in the future.

  • Large tree species planted in an inappropriate place.

  • Trees which need to be removed for building or development.

  • A tree which is planted too close to another.

  • Weed species.

While weed species and smaller trees are exempt from tree preservation orders, the rules vary from council to council so it is best to consult your local laws. These days many councils have information online and we've included  links  to help you find the relevant information. In many places you can download the forms you'll need to submit. 

Most councils charge a lodgement fee. A council Tree Preservation Officer will come and inspect the tree and give you the written permission neccessary. Occasionally they will ask you to obtain an Arborist's Report. Abbott Trees can organise these reports and if necessary meet the council officer onsite to discuss the work. 

For larger trees or those with difficult access it may be necessary to use a crane or cherrypicker. Abbott Trees have wide experience with this equipment and use trusted and skilled operators at all times.

Tree Removal

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